Our public schools are more than a place where kids take tests. They are part of what ties our communities together and shapes our children’s lives. The district is stronger when teachers, staff, and families collaborate.

As a volunteer, I worked to bring a garden to the campus of San Rafael Elementary. I know I'm not alone; families, neighbors, universities, and nonprofit organizations are eager to help across our community.

As a Pasadena Unified School District Board Member, I will:

  • Support collaborations with neighbors, community groups, universities, and local government to enrich our student's education and the community.

  • Promote more frequent feedback through listening parties and open lines of communication through the website and text messages.

  • Work to revamp teacher recruitment and retention strategies. Teachers need better salaries and creative solutions to the housing crisis.


No matter what we look like, where we live, or what’s in our wallets, most of us want our public schools to inspire imagination, cultivate critical thinking, and ensure our children can live fulfilling lives. But certain politicians try to divide us, turn around and point the finger at families of color for the challenges at our schools while doing little to ensure the resources are distributed equitably. By joining together across race and place, we can ensure schools have great teachers, engaging materials and up-to-date approaches, healthy meals, and emotional supports to set kids up to be all that they dream.

As a Pasadena Unified School Board Member, I will:

  • Promote a culturally responsive environment that challenges the culture deficit model.

  • Advocate for research-based instruction that addresses the learning needs of all students adapted to meet the needs of English language learners, special education students, and students with learning differences.

Safe Schools

We believe that our families and neighborhoods are stronger, safer, and healthier when we come together to overcome shared challenges and develop collective solutions. Our public schools help keep our communities connected — serving as sites to distribute supplies, provide meals and keep families informed — even as they help stop the spread of COVID.

As a mom, I rallied with the community to ensure safety for our children, teachers, and staff as we faced unprecedented challenges.

As a Pasadena Unified School Board Member, I will:

  • Take the responsibility of the office seriously and not avoid decisions even when they are tough.

  • Help promote a safe working environment for staff and teachers.

  • Support efforts to address changes with the urgency that is required.